Design of a Diagnostic Laboratory Component Utilising Archetypes for Information Structuring of Generic Clinical Document Architecture Orders and Examination Reports

Thesis Type Master
Thesis Status
Student Hannes Marth
Thesis Supervisor
External Supervisor
Michael Borovicka

The laboratory is the central component within the HERMED project. From a database point of view, this is the source, since all investigations of patients at various devices (x-ray, mammography, tomography, sonography (ultrasound, magnetic (MRT), computed tomography (CT) but also sample-analyzers are handled within Entry-Attibute-Value database processes.

To be prepared for interoperable access to future Austrian EHR-systems a novel component in needed, which based on archetype-methodology on the one hand processes ordering and genericaly create medical documents. The work is based on a prototype, which already in a trail created such documents. In addition, the complete handling and the graphical user interface needs reworking.