GISchedule - Aquiration, administration and visualisation of schedules

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Alexander Walch
Thesis Supervisor

This thesis covers various topics regarding acquisition, administration and further the visualization and evaluation of schedules. To comply with any copyrights, only schedules which have been released under an ”Open Data” license has been used. As a big part of this thesis deals with schedules, the open format GTFS, which is used for these schedules,
will be explained. This format has been widely spread through the last years and has been evolving into some sort of standard. Due to the fact, that such schedules are mostly present in North America and Europe, only schedules from those regions has been evaluated. Alongside with the historical evolution of interactive maps, some of today’s most important standards regarding the functionality and supply of interactive maps will be discussed. The central part of this thesis is the presentation of a tool for the creation of interactive maps with the possibility to visualize schedules. Some of the schedules which correlate with the requirements will be imported, managed and visualized with the help of the introduced software.