ICONA-Database: A Database to Support Nonlinear Analysis of Lightweight Structures

Thesis Type Master
Thesis Status
Student Robert Binna, Günter Hackl
Thesis Supervisor

This master-thesis describes the development of the ’Icona-database’ which supports the nonlinear analysis of lightweight structures. The database is part of the research pro ject Icona that has the aim to establish new analysis strategies for highly loaded and complex structures. The mission of the database thereby is to provide an efficient and flexible administration tool to manage the structure-models and load-case-models, e.g. select and serve data for analysis. Structure-models are representations of complex structures like vehicles and air-craft. Load-case-models describe the load values that impact these complex structures. The database has to provide adequate input and output interfaces to read in and out the desired models. The flexible composition of the data for a precise analysis can be done with help of some management tools.