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Our passion lies in developing innovative methods for efficient data storage and analyses aiming to assist users and businesses to meet their information needs.




Paper and Poster @CICLing

Segmentation of Job AdsDBIS is represented twice on the 19th CICLing conference in Hanoi, Vietnam. On March 19th, Benjamin presented his paper "On the Influence of Machine Translation on Language Origin Obfuscation", which explains how the original language of translated documents can be detected. Later that day, Michaels work "Algorithmic Segmentation of Job Ads Using Textual Analysis" was presented as part of the poster session, yielding interesting discussions from many different fields.

Two papers accepted at CICLing 2018

Two DBIS papers were accepted at the International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing (CICLing) 2018, a well-known and established conference in the field of natural language processing. Benjamin evaluated the automatic detection of the origin of a machine translated text, and Michael proposed a new algorithm to automatically segment job ads. Both papers will be presented at the conference at the end of this month in Hanoi, Vietnam and will be published in a Springer LNCS volume.

Invited Talk at TU Vienna

Last week, Eva held an invited talk about "Evaluating the Users’ Experience: A Call for Utilizing Multi-Method Evaluations for Recommender Systems" at the Technical University (TU) Vienna, where she discussed how user-centric evaluations of recommender systems could be improved utilizing multiple perspectives. You can find the abstract of the talk on the news page of TU Vienna.

Full paper accepted at SIGMOD 2018

Our paper "HOT: A Height Optimized Trie Index for Main-Memory Database Systems" was accepted at the 2018 ACM SIGMOD/PODS International Conference on Management of Data. The paper was co-authored by Robert Binna, Eva Zangerle, Martin Pichl, Günther Specht (all DBIS) and Viktor Leis from the Technical University Munich. The SIGMOD conference is among the most reknown and important venues in the field of core database systems (core ranking A*) and naturally, we are very happy about this huge success :)