Development of a Web-Frontent for the Hash-o-mender System

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Benjamin Murauer
Thesis Supervisor
Research Field

Twitter is one of the most successful microblogging applications and uses hashtags for categorizing information. One problem of hashtags are that they are completely arbitrary, which leads to inconsistencies, which are a problem for efficient searching and statistic purposes. Hash-O-Mender, a system developed by the DBIS institute at the University of Innsbruck which is used in this project, recommends suitable hashtags to the user based on the input text. The user gets recommendations while typing the actual message in real time, so that they don't have to come up with them themselves. This paper presents a fully functional Twitter client which implements the algorithms by Hash-O-Mender and aims to prevent redundant hashtags. This thesis contains all technical details of the client and server, which software is used and how to configure and install it.