Ajax-Technology in medical settings

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Lukas Demetz, Hannes Marth
Thesis Supervisor

eHealth is one of the fastest growing areas of today's medicine. Due to its high complexity and sensitivity of the data in the medical field great demands on an information system are made. The present system of TILAK offers only a tabular based view of the patients and findings administration. This is limited to a mere listing, with no fexibility, no customization and no personalization opportunity.

With the DMIS prototype, a webbased information system build with Ajax-Technology, a feasibility study was made, whether Ajax can be used to display medical findings or not.

To facilitate the work with the programm, a simple and intuitive operability has been focused. The doctor has the opportunity to freely arrange the digitalized findings at the screen and to make a diagnosis without leaving the main screen. The system suggests findings which are relevant to suspected diagnosis. This
relevance is on one hand predefined, but is also based on the DMIS internal learning process.

Furthermore DMIS aims to ease the process of diagnosis finding and is also a step towards eletronical patient records.