UNIS: Conception and implementation of a cell phone positioning system independent of reception using sensor data

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Daniel Moosbrugger
Thesis Supervisor
External Supervisor
Christian Vogt

In the context of mobile devices, location based services play a central role. The determination of the necessary geolocation is usually done via GPS, which is only applicable outdoors - as an indoor alternative, a number of IPS (indoor positioning systems) were developed, which depend on specific hard- and software on site or on the device respectively, and do not deliver the necessary accuracy.
The goal of this bachelor project was to develop a navigation- and information system for subways (UNIS), which is independent of before mentioned hard- and software, and is able to provide appropriate information with an adequate degree of spatial and temporal accuracy.
To achieve this, the data from a mobile device's accelerometer and barometer is utilized, as well as the fact that a subway trip occurs as a one-dimensional, directed movement with discrete breakpoints, a characteristic elevation- and acceleration profile, and the fact that subways usually travel corresponding to a schedule. UNIS is to be instantiated and tested in Munich and Vienna.