A Multidimensional Comparison of Musical (Streaming) Charts

Thesis Type Bachelor
Thesis Status
Student Manuel Penz
Thesis Supervisor
Research Field

Music charts aim at measuring the popularity of songs based on factors such as e.g., airtime or sales figures. However, in the last decade, music consumption has changed quite dramatically. The introduction of streaming services such as the Spotify platform has had a severe impact on how music is consumed (and also, bought). This change of behavior has partly been captured the introduction of specific charts such as the streaming songs charts, Youtube charts or on-demand streaming song charts provided by Billboard. 

The goal of this bachelor thesis is to analyze and compare these different charts over a specific time period. Here, we are interested in differences between these different types of charts (e.g., tracks and artists contained, behavioral patterns of songs (e.g., its ranking progression) or the different dynamics of those charts).